Vision, Mission & Values 

We envision ourselves to build a presence in all major supply markets worldwide.

Lucky Star aims to establish a firmer grasp on the market in the coming years by looking at the overall requirements of the metal industry. We are confident of our quality standards and the competence of our staff and management. Thanks to a studied application of IT, Commercial and Operational Processes, we are able to meet the ever-increasing need for metals.

At our core, our values and beliefs lie in:

Profitable Growth - For the company and the client

Positive Change - In our business standards and in each employee

Enthusiastic Buyers & Suppliers - By cultivating reliability and assuring quality in service

Involved Employees - By nurturing a motivated and open workplace

Confident Shareholders - By inculcating value-focused management and ownership

Responsible Citizenship - By ensuring a healthy workplace and a firm grasp on business ethics

Community & Environment - By being ecologically forward and community-oriented

Lucky Star intuitively understands an organization’s motivations to excel. This realization has helped achieve considerable recognition in the metal business. We are respected among our competition for our strict adherence to quality, processing and quality control.