Corporate Social Responsiblity 

Lucky Star values its employees and management and is committed to providing the best working conditions for them to perform in. The health, safety and environment measures executed at our company are in accordance to international requirements and local laws.

We regularly participate in various community activities that consciously support causes that are believed in by our employees and our organization as a whole. Lucky Star has been building successful inroads in the Qatari metal market. The trade entity keeps a close watch on market values and consumer trends and subscribes to the same business practices and ethics that are successfully employed by all international organizations and markets. Our employees get to enjoy the benefits of such efforts, creating an atmosphere conducive to growth and productivity. An adherence to local employee codes and international incentive practices is given special importance. Teamwork, leadership and a fair code of accountability are qualities the Lucky Star recognizes and encourages the development hereof. An open door policy between employee and management further make our facilities among the best to grow and flourish within.

Environmental Policy